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Spencer Welch

Director of Education

After a successful career as a recording artist, studio musician, producer, and vocal coach, Spencer Welch is known for his ability to quickly assess a singer’s challenges and prescribe solutions that produce healthy, marketable results. Trained by some of the top voice teachers in the industry, Spencer has been recognized as a Certified Master Teacher of vocal technique by two of the premier certification programs, Speech Level Singing International and the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA).

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Spencer is often called upon to prepare recording artists and actors for studio, concert, theatre, and film work. His clients include Juno Award winners and artists signed to Universal, Interscope, Capitol, and Integrity Hosanna. He has also coached actors like Patrick Warburton, Victor Garber, Mehcad Brooks, and Kolton Stewart, working on the Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events and Some Assembly Required, as well as The CW’s The Flash and Supergirl.

Prior to establishing the Spencer Welch Vocal Studio in 1997, Spencer toured the US, Canada, and South America for four years as a member of the recording group Rhythm & News on Word Records. He also sang and produced recordings for legendary artist Randy Bachman. At the 2008 GMA Canada Covenant Awards, Spencer received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the Canadian CCM industry. 

From 1997 to 2013, Spencer was a certified Seth Riggs’ Speech Level Singing™ instructor, reaching Level 5 (the highest possible.) From 2008 to 2013, Spencer was one of seven SLS Master Teachers who trained and certified teachers worldwide.

In 2013, Spencer left SLS to co-found the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), an international organization offering both exceptional vocal education and a certification program for singing instructors worldwide.

As a Master Teacher and Director of Education for IVA, Spencer is a leading expert in the field of vocal function and application. He has presented Master Classes and Teacher Training on five continents. Spencer also heads up the development of curriculum that the global IVA teacher community must complete for their certification.

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