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Britni Favero

Area Representative: Nevada/Southern Utah

Britni Favero is the owner and teacher of Born to Sing Vocals. Britni is a Certified Level III Instructor for IVA and has been teaching private vocal lessons for ten years and group vocal classes for over five years.

She has always enjoyed singing and the stage. From a young age, she soaked in and observed the talents of legends.

Britni is devoted to helping each of her students find confidence, strength, balance, and agility in their own unique voice. One of her greatest strengths as a teacher is her ability to communicate and connect with people. She is quick to help her students feel at ease and build their confidence, while also helping them grow and improve.

She is passionate about continually advancing her education by observing Master Teachers from around the world instruct both vocal pedagogy and performance development courses.

In her own words, “I love absolutely every part of what I do. I love teaching. I love the voice. I love helping others connect and strengthen voices they’ve had all along or voices they never even knew were hidden there. This isn’t a job—it’s a passion. And I am so thankful I get to do something I love!”