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Meet the Founding Members

In 2013, IVA was founded by 9, like-minded individuals from around the world who, after years together in another voice teacher program, saw an opportunity to develop a new and unique educational program for voice teachers around the world.

The IVA Founders, led by CEO Jeffrey Skouson, are located in the United States, Canada, UK, Austria and Germany, and they are dedicated to providing the best education experience for voice teachers everywhere.

Of the nine founding members, five carry the role of “Master Teacher.”  These Master Teachers, under the direction of Spencer Welch, IVA’s Director of Education, develop and provide ongoing education for IVA Student Teachers and IVA Certified Teachers in private lessons, webinars, Master Classes, Teacher Training, and Teacher Evaluations.

Three founders, along with Jeffrey Skouson, hold the roles of managers within the company who are directly responsible for the day-to-day running of the company.

Our founding members have dedicated themselves to learning the best methods for training the voice and passing this knowledge on to others

Meet the IVA team