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Upcoming Events

You can purchase recordings of previous webinars by visiting our Gumroad page.

It All Starts With Mindset!

In this presentation Line will delve into the origins of limiting beliefs, how they impact the singer, their voice, health and performance. She will then introduce you to ways you can help a singer unravel the mindset obstacles that hold them, their health and their talent back.

"Do you hear what I hear?"

The neuroscience of hearing, perception, and acoustics for singers

The teacher-student paradigm has remained unchanged for centuries: singers are trained in the studio based primarily on the auditory information received by the instructor. The vocal output can yield a wealth of information on technical efficiency, musicality, and health.

Supraglottic Tension: Open or Closed Throat?

This course is designed to provide information about the variables that influence supraglottic activity in singing and why this activity should not be necessarily considered as a sign of vocal hyperfunction.

Trends in Teaching CCM Singing

This interactive lecture and question/answer session will center on the research process and findings of the book Training Contemporary Commercial Singers(Compton, 2020). The author will share insights to the development process and what it was like to collaborate with 26 highly accomplished pedagogues and contributors. This book is the first to identify and synthesize “trends” within the field of popular singing voice pedagogy, and we will discuss key findings. Course participants are invited to ask questions and engage in dialogue regarding the research process and results.

Treating Music Performance Anxiety (MPA)

with Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT)

In this Webinar, you'll learn how ACC/ACT can be used to treat MPA, and how singing teachers can make use of it within their practice. Several exercises aiming to improve key ACT processes will be included, such as mindfulness, acceptance, and cognitive diffusion. Attendees will also learn how to detect problematic cases of MPA and how to navigate ethical hurdles that arise when doing this type of work.

You can purchase recordings of our previous webinars by visiting our Gumroad page.