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In 2013, the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) was founded by 9 singing teachers who all share a passion for the development of the best methods for training teachers of singing.

With over 120+ years of combined experience training thousands of singers and singing teachers, we have developed a program that will help you to understand how the voice works, how to diagnose voices, and fix problems in any voice.

We are the only ones who teach you how to understand the voice as a whole, teaching from the perspective of the singer. We don’t think of the voice as a series of different modules, but as one system that consists of individual parts that singers need to learn how to coordinate.

This program lets us show you how to teach singers to achieve any sound they want without breaking the function of their voice or restricting them. What we do works for every level of singer from beginners to professionals in the music and showbiz industry.

We understand the voice and want to share our knowledge with you

The foundation of what we teach is vocal balance. We believe that this is the key to ensuring success in a singer’s voice. Vocal balance gives singers the ability to control their voices while singing any style of music. It allows them to sound free and natural. We think a singer should be able to access all dynamic levels in their voice without straining, cracking, or breaking.

We want to show you how to train singers to use their voices in the healthiest and most efficient way so that singers can realize their full potential, expressing themselves as they choose through song.

Global Community

We have a global community of teachers across 5 continents that represent voice teachers working at all levels. From those teaching in private studios, those in education establishments, right up to those working in the music industry across TV, Broadway and Musicals, all the way to those working for major record labels and on tour with artists.

Being part of our program gives you access to this thriving community of teachers who come together to help support and assist each other. Our teachers share their experience and advice as part of our community, allowing everyone to benefit from the collective wealth of knowledge.

Meet the Founding Members

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