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Linda Tomkinson

Master Teacher

Linda Tomkinson is the vocal coach and owner of SingWithLinda’s Artist Hub. She is known as the voice teacher who gets results. Linda enjoys the challenge and satisfaction of helping develop the vocal talent of both professionals and non-professionals alike. She has been teaching voice lessons for over 22 years. 

Many of Linda’s clients have met with great success, having performed with Rihanna’s world concert tours, The Voice, American Idol, The X Factor, Disney, Jimmy Fallon, Capitol Records, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Cascade Recordings, Dreamworks, Big Idea Productions, Hale Center Theater, Usana, BYU Young Ambassadors, Noteworthy, and Vocal Point. Many of Linda’s clients have won numerous talent contests and scholarships.

Linda feels honored to have been mentored and trained by Seth Riggs and several other Master Teachers, including Greg Enriquez, Jeffrey Skouson, Dave Stroud, Brett Manning, Michael Goodrich, and Wendy Parr. Linda continues her studies today and believes that learning should never end.

In March of 2013, Linda joined with several Master Teachers to form IVA, the Institute for Vocal Advancement, an organization dedicated to training and educating teachers in the mixed voice. She is a founding member on the board of directors and serves as a Master Teacher, educating and training teachers all over the world. 

A wonderful summation of philosophy taught in Linda Tomkinson’s studio is found in the following statement:

"I’m committed to teaching what I believe is vocal truth and will continually search and implement truth wherever I find it."