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Chelsea Wilson

IVA Ambassador

Chelsea Wilson provides unparalleled vocal training to singers both locally in New York and all over the world via online lessons. Her students are on Broadway and are playing leading roles on Broadway national tours, have been featured in national commercials, and are pursuing independent musical careers. Chelsea is also the vocal coach for School of Rock and The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.

Chelsea graduated from the University of Michigan’s prestigious Musical Theatre Program, earning her BFA. She has enjoyed performing professionally both in New York and around the US as a singer and actress. Although she specializes in musical theatre, Chelsea is an expert in contemporary pop music and uses her strong background in technique to teach vocal skills in any style of music.

Chelsea began her voice teacher training in 2007 with Speech Level Singing™. In 2013, she joined the newly formed Institute for Vocal Advancement, where she has since earned her Mentor-level certification after over ten years of rigorous education. One of her greatest joys is helping to create “light bulb moments” for her students, when they realize something is possible within themselves that they never imagined before.

Many singers don’t take the time to properly warm up their voices. And why not?…

How do I place my voice correctly?

And what does that even mean?

“Placement.” It’s a word singers love to use. I’d say it’s right up there with “breath control” as one of the terms singers use most often! But what is placement? And how do we actually find the “placement” we’re looking for?…

“When people say artists are born with natural talent, you’re not. You have to really learn and really practice.” –Ed Sheeran…