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Justin Feng

Area Representative: China & Hong Kong

Justin, known as Justin宇轩 or 贾老师 on the Chinese biggest social website Weibo, has been working with professional singers and students for years since his college graduation year 2010. With many vocal study guidance articles and vocal performance analysis published, Justin has made his name well known in the industry and has gained a large number of students.

Growing up in South China, Justin speaks perfect Manderin and Cantonese as his mother languages, and English as his second language. He knows the deep core cultural differences between East and West, even nations within the country, which has developed huge vocal tendency variety. So he knows how to fix every vocal problem for Chinese singers and voice workers and specially good at it.

Certified in 2017, Justin got his IVA License and became the AR for China Region shortly after. He has brought in many of his students to join IVA and helped them become certified.

Please feel free to contact me by Email if you can not read Chinese, I'll reply you as soon as I check.









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