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Laura Dumbleton

Finance and Administration Assistant

Laura has been singing and performing since she joined a local musical theatre company in 1993. At the tender age of five, she performed in her first musical and got hooked! Theatre grew to be a huge part of her life, and she has completed qualifications in drama and performance arts. Laura also participated in two local musical theatre companies for ten years and took singing lessons until she went off to university in 2006. 

Laura completed her degree in archaeology from the University of Chester in 2009, and when she moved to Edinburgh, she decided to pick up performing arts again. After having a singing lesson in 2011 with Tom Bathgate (a Founding Member of IVA), she decided on a career change and started on the path to becoming a singing teacher.

Laura has since completed over six years of certification with IVA to achieve the Instructor III Certificate and runs Your Voice Studio with Tom Bathgate in Edinburgh. Laura’s students include singers who want to learn about their voices, rock and pop singers, musical theatre singers, and those who have vocal issues such as nodules. Her speciality is working with singers who have little to no confidence and seeing them grow as they learn about themselves, their voices, and their vocal abilities.

In September 2018, Laura enrolled as a postgraduate student at the Reid School of Music at the University of Edinburgh, undertaking a year-long Master of Research degree with a focus on stage fright in singers. She looks forward to sharing her research with the wider world to help more singers deal with their stage fright. 

Laura has been the Area Representative for UK North for three years and is honored to be in a position where she can create a supportive network of IVA Teachers in the region, helping IVA grow in the UK.