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Andreas Grussl

Vice President

Voice instructor, vocal producer, and lawyer, Andreas Grussl runs a very successful voice studio in his hometown of Graz, the second biggest city in Austria. He trains singers from all over Austria and Europe in-person and over the internet. Andreas is known for high-quality vocal instruction, effective in helping singers of all genres and levels.

Andreas’ vocal producing projects focus on the beauty of great singing but also on creating a sellable product that has its finger on the pulse of the music industry and can be easily placed on the market. His skills as a vocal instructor provide immediate help in difficult recording sessions, calming the artist in order to get an exceptional finished product in a comfortable and relaxed manner.

In his legal life, Andreas works at a law firm that specializes in business and corporate law. He also lectures on constitutional and governmental law at the University of Technology in Graz. His legal background includes working at the Institute for Tax Law at the Law School of the Karl-Franzens-University at Graz, where he published articles and a book on Austrian and international tax law.

With Andreas’ combined skills, singers frequently consult with him for his expertise in dealing with recording companies or for career advice

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