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Joe Sung-min

Area Representative: South Korea

Joe teaches voice not only in his private studio in South Korea but also via Skype and Facetime. He studied SLS™ from 2011 to 2015 before joining IVA, where he is a certified Instructor and Assistant Area Representative for South Korea. He has been teaching vocal technique for over five years and currently teaches in the Roen Music Academy, which has one of the largest number of students in Anyang City.

He was a voice teacher of a choir named "Faith,” which belongs to the biggest church at Oryu-dong, and he taught junior high school students at Young-moon Middle School.

Joe has had lots of experience teaching elementary school–aged boys to middle-aged people. He enjoys teaching people who like to sing for fun, but he has also taught professional singers who perform a lot, successfully helping them prepare for recording sessions or shows despite respiratory issues or vocal nodules.

Joe started singing as a metal singer, though he helps all singers in all styles because he has studied with so many master teachers of bel canto–based singing through the years. He loves working with all kinds of singers, and he believes that's the key to his success in building his teaching skills.