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What is the IVA Teacher Certification Program?


This gives you a good overview of who IVA is and what the program is about

The art of teaching singing

Chelsea Wilson, IVACON 2015 Guest Speaker


IVA Certified Teacher Chelsea Wilson will be delivering a class at IVACON 2015

The art of teaching singing

How Do I Get My Students To Practice?


IVA Master Teacher Stephanie Borm-Krüger has some helpful information on how to make practising easier and more appealing to your students.

The art of teaching singing

IVA Student Teacher Program Opens June 1st


Do you want to be an IVA Teacher? The new program opens on June 1st, read on for more details on how to apply.

The art of teaching singing

What Skills Does A Singing Teacher Need?


Are you considering becoming a professional voice teacher? IVA Master Teacher Kathy Kennedy has seven helpful tips for aspiring singing teachers.

The art of teaching singing