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Brittany Clinton - Events Coordinator and Copy Editor


Meet Brittany, who looks after all of IVA and TBS's global events as well as making sure all our content is correct

Roberto delli Carri - IVA Master Teacher in Training


Roberto was appointed as a Master Teacher in Training in 2019 and now delivers training and lessons to IVA Teachers

The art of teaching singing

Adeline Gan - Area Representative: Singapore


Meet Adeline from Singpore who works hard to support the teachers in her region

The art of teaching singing

Erika Dipp - Area Representative: Mexico


Meet Erika who works hard to support the teachers in her region in Mexico

The art of teaching singing

Articles, Videos and Updates for Singing Teachers


The IVA blog has article on everything related to teaching singing and running a successful studio

Vocal Pedagogy - Books in a library

Andreas Grussl - Vice President & IVA Ambassador


Voice instructor, vocal producer, and lawyer, Andreas Grussl runs a very successful voice studio in his hometown of Graz, the second biggest city in Austria.

Andreas Grussl - Vice President

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Kathy Kennedy - IVA Founder and Master Teacher


Kathy from San Francisco, is an IVA Founder and has served as as Master Teacher since the inception of IVA

The art of teaching singing

The Role of Vowels in the Voice


A key component in smoothing out the bridges of the voice, often forgotten, is the training of our minds to hear the vowel we want to sing very clearly

Meet the Area Representatives


The IVA Area Representatives are the backbone of the IVA Community.