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Marketing Basics for Singing Teachers – Part 1


In part 1 of this series, IVA’s Marketing Coordinator Lucinda Jeffrey teaches you how to create a firm marketing foundation for your studio.

The art of teaching singing

Meet the IVA Team


Meet the team behind IVA that keeps the company running and providing support to teachers around the world

The art of teaching singing



Stress is a reality in every person’s life, and vocal instructors are no exception. Learn about red flags you may or may not know.

Vocal Balance and Style


Have you wondered how style affects vocal balance in the voice? Find out in today's blog post.

Meet the Master Teachers


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The art of teaching singing

Working with Transgender voices (For Voice Teachers)


Are you a voice teacher who has transgender students? IVA Master Teacher Kathy Kennedy has some top tips on how to teach effectively in a safe space

The art of teaching singing

How Can I Teach Style Without Hurting the Singer’s Vo…


IVA Master Teacher Kathy Kennedy reminds us that good vocal technique is the basis to all styles of singing, and that most styles will require it.

The art of teaching singing

Creating a Successful Teaching Studio


What does it take to run a successful teaching studio? Find out in todays blog post.

The art of teaching singing

Teaching vocal technique to rock singers


IVA Director and Mentor Teacher, Andreas Grussl takes you through some ideas of work to do with your rock singers in the teaching studio.

The art of teaching singing