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Welcome to IVA


Today is the big day! We are excited and happy to announce the official launch of IVA!

The art of teaching singing

The Difference Between A Singing Teacher and A Voice Co…


IVA Certified Teacher Justin Petersen tells us what the fundamental differences are between Singing Teachers and Voice Coaches

The art of teaching singing

Barbara F. Worth, MS CCC-SLP, IVACON 2015 Guest Speaker


Barbara F. Worth BM MS CCC-SLP, Senior Voice Specialist will be delivering a class at IVACON 2015.

Barbara F. Worth BM MS CCC-SLP Senior Voice Specialist

Jeffrey McEvoy, IVACON 2015 Guest Speaker


IVA Certified Teacher Jeffrey McEvoy will be delivering a class at IVACON 2015.

The art of teaching singing

The Five Certification Tiers of the IVA Certification P…


A brief introduction to the five certification tiers of the IVA Program. Student Teacher all the way to Mentor level

The art of teaching singing

Take your sick days: 3 Why's and 3 How's


Self-employed vocal instructors have to work to make money. If we don’t work, we don’t get to simply “call in sick” and still get paid while we stay in…

IVA Support Staff


The IVA Support staff assist the IVA Managers with the day-to-day running of the company

The art of teaching singing

How to become a singing teacher - where do you start?


If you've ever wanted to teach voice, find out what it takes and how to get started with this great blog.