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What is the IVA Teacher Certification Program?

The IVA Teacher Certification Program is an intensive educational curriculum designed to train and educate teachers of singing.  This program has been designed to ensure that voice instructors who receive IVA certification are able to demonstrate a high level of proficiency and produce great results with their students.

We have a team of IVA Certified Master Teachers who are recognized leaders in vocal technique, not only in their own communities but also worldwide. They bring a combined 100 years of experience in training voices and helping others learn and excel around the globe. The IVA Master Teacher Team, led by Spencer Welch, Director of Education, has developed a rigorous training and testing program.

IVA believes certified instructors should have a thorough understanding of how the voice functions from a scientific basis, as well as an understanding of core values that put vocal health first.

These certified teachers understand the demands of contemporary styles of singing in multiple genres, and strive to meet those demands while maintaining the integrity and healthy functioning of the vocal instrument, thereby helping singers to keep their voices healthy and undamaged.

How does the IVA Teacher Certification Program work?

The program trains teachers through a number of tiered levels, from Student Teacher to Mentor Level. At each level there are specific skills and knowledge that a teacher demonstrates through a teaching evaluation at the end of the year.

Each year a teacher has a list of education requirements they must complete.

Yearly Educational requirements range from:

  • Private voice lessons with Master, Advanced and Mentor level teachers
  •  Teacher training days
  • Required reading
  • Assigned repertoire
  • Elective courses
  • Online evaluation
  • Mock teaching evaluations
  • Actual teaching evaluations 

In addition to the standard education items we expect teachers to complete, our higher-level teachers are asked to undertake large projects or jury concerts to further enable them to develop their skills and knowledge.

Why does this matter? 

Highly educated voice teachers are highly effective voice teachers! 

We believe it is essential to train voice teachers to be as effective and well rounded as possible for their students. That’s why IVA offers a wide-ranging syllabus, from the basics of vocal fold function and on through to the application of technique in specific styles of singing.

This extensive education as well as a globally connected network of teachers, sets the IVA certification program apart in the field of vocal education.

If you’re interested in joining the IVA Teacher Certification program, find out more about the application process here.

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