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IVA Support Staff


The IVA Support staff assist the IVA Managers with the day-to-day running of the company

The art of teaching singing

How to become a singing teacher - where do you start?


If you've ever wanted to teach voice, find out what it takes and how to get started with this great blog.

About IVA


IVA was founded by a group of world-class teachers of singing who have over 125 years of combined experience training singers and teachers of singing.

SO YOU HAD A BAD DAY: How to Bounce Back and Keep a Pos…


There are days where things in the studio just don’t seem to go right, no matter what you do. We’ve got some advice for how to deal with a bad day

The Alexander Technique - An interview with Marisa De S…


As part of Health and Wellness week, we interviewed Marisa to find out about the Alexander Technique and how it can support your students’ overall wellness.

Meet the IVA Ambassadors


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The art of teaching singing

Marketing Basics for Singing Teachers Part 2


The second in our series of marketing basics for singing teachers, this time we're talking about competitors

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The art of teaching singing

Meet the IVA Team


Meet the team behind IVA that keeps the company running and providing support to teachers around the world

The art of teaching singing



Stress is a reality in every person’s life, and vocal instructors are no exception. Learn about red flags you may or may not know.