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Meet the Founding Members: Linda Tomkinson

Today in our meet the Founding Members series meet Linda Tomkinson, Master Teacher for IVA: 

What’s your musical background? 

I don't have a fancy musical background. I just enjoyed singing. I took my first private lesson at age 23. I was married and had two kids and needed to do something for myself. I never dreamed it would lead into a full-blown career that I LOVE. I had some incredible mentors who kept encouraging me and brought me to levels that completely exceeded anything I ever imagined for myself, and I thank God for it every day. What an honor it is to now be able to do the same for others.

Do you only teach voice lessons? 

Great question. I'm a teacher in every aspect of my life. I'm a full-time mother of four, my youngest is eight and my oldest is 22, and I have two grandbabies. There’s never a dull moment. Every moment is filled with teaching when you’re a parent. I also teach the high school youth at church.

Where have you taught? 

I have taught all over the U.S. at camps and workshops. I prefer to not travel much because I'm a full-time mom, but I'm truly blessed to have clients all over the world, and have been honored to meet so many in person when they travel to my personal studio in SLC and at conferences.

What's your favorite part of being a voice teacher? 

I absolutely LOVE being a part of my clients’ growth, whether it's just confidence, technical proficiency, or mentoring teachers. I LOVE going out and watching them do their thing. If I'm not teaching or doing family stuff, then you will find me attending my clients’ events, whether it's American Idol, X Factor, the theater, house concerts, performing groups. It doesn't matter the venue, I'm there and I LOVE IT. Teaching is my life. I receive untold satisfaction from helping others find success in their dreams and goals.

What is your vision for IVA? 

I see IVA as an association that fosters massive growth for teachers through a nurturing environment of mentorship, education, community, accountability, respect, trust, strong ethics and transparency. 
I have always felt we are stronger together than we are apart. I'm honored to be a part of this Board of Directors and witness the dedication of time and massive amount of teamwork and leadership that has happened and is happening to bring IVA to you.

Any words of wisdom for budding singing teachers out there?

Yes. NEVER stop learning. I feel like the more I know the less I know. There are so many great mentors, so much information and plenty to keep us happily growing for the rest of our lives.

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