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What should I do when a singer comes into a lesson hoar…


Do you understand why singers might be hoarse? Generally a gentle warm up with help to eliminate the hoarseness, unless there’s something else going on.

The art of teaching singing

How much should I charge for voice lessons?


IVA Master Teacher Stephanie Borm-Krüger helps you to understand how to build a pricing structure that works for you financially and represents your expertise.

The art of teaching singing

How much vocal science do I need to know as a voice tea…


Is vocal science the key to being a great voice teacher? It can help, but do you need to know your cricothyroid from your hyoid, or is cause-and-effect demonstr…

The art of teaching singing

Voice Teachers are not doctors


Remember, whilst voice teachers may know more about the voice than their student, it doesn’t mean that they can diagnose the presence or absence of vocal prob…

The art of teaching singing

Help for a raspy voice


Andreas Grussl answers a tweet on the topic of raspy voices, something that voice teachers can often encounter in their studios.

The art of teaching singing

Teaching from the Perspective of the Singer


Most students of singing want to learn how to sing. Teaching from the singers perspective can greatly increase the success of a teacher and enable their student…

The art of teaching singing

Interview with Professor Graham Welch


Music education expert Professor Graham Welch of UCL and IVA’s Spencer Welch have a fascinating discussion on the topic of vocal education as a teacher

The art of teaching singing

How to have a career as a full-time voice teacher


Four IVA Teachers pool their knowledge to help you out with becoming a voice teacher full time. Check out their hot tips!

The art of teaching singing

How can I help a singer eliminate their breaks?


Do you know what your students are doing when their voice breaks mid-scale? Chances are you can hear it, but do you know how to effectively address it?

The art of teaching singing

IVA Health and Wellness Month for singing teachers


September is "Health and Wellness Month" for singing teachers. Learn how to be happy & healthy whilst you do this rewarding, but sometimes exhaust…