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How Do I Keep My Student’s Voices Healthy?


IVA Master Teacher Kathy Kennedy gives you some tips on how to help your students (and yourself) understand vocal health and hygiene.

The art of teaching singing

Jon and Chris Thornham, IVACON Guest Speakers


Jon and Chris Thornham of Flo Cycling will be delivering a class at IVACON 2015.

The art of teaching singing

Meet the Founding Members: Spencer Welch


In the start of our series, meet the Founding Members, today we feature Spencer Welch, Director of Education and IVA Master Teacher.

The art of teaching singing

Scott McCoy, IVACON 2015 Guest Speaker


Scott McCoy, Professor of Voice Science and Pedagogy of OSU will be delivering a class at IVACON 2015

The art of teaching singing

Sam Smith – Vocal Feedback from an IVA Master Teacher


IVA Master Teacher Linda Tomkinson assesses Sam Smith's acoustic version of Latch and tells us what she’d do with him if he was a singer in her studio.

The art of teaching singing

Two of the Missions of IVA


IVA’s missions include Transparency and Education. This is what we stand for

The art of teaching singing

Laura Duckworth: IVA Teacher Story


IVA Certified Teacher Laura Duckworth shares her story of how she became a voice teacher

The art of teaching singing