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Bobby Harpur: Regional Coordinator for UK and Ireland


Meet Bobby who in addition to being the Area Representative for Ireland, also helps to support the other Area Representatives in the UK.

The art of teaching singing

Irene Shams - Area Representative for Spain


Meet Irene who serves are Area Representative to the teachers in Spain.

The art of teaching singing

Britni Favero - Area Representative: Nevada & South…


Meet Britni Favero from Las Vegas, Nevada. Area Representative to a thriving community IVA in Nevada and Utah

The art of teaching singing

Charlene Adams - Regional Coordinator: USA and Canada


Meet Charlene, Regional Coordinator for USA & Canada and Area Representative for Southern Utah

The art of teaching singing

Find an IVA Certified Singing Teacher Near You


Looking for singing lessons from an IVA qualified singing teacher? Start here for in-person or online Skype lessons

The art of teaching singing

Become an IVA Vocal Teacher


IVA is a world wide leader in the training of teachers of singing. With over 120+ years of experience and thousands of hours of voice lessons and teacher traini…

The art of teaching singing