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Not one but two dates!

We are excited to announce plans for IVACON this year! The biggest news for 2020? Drumroll, please . . . not only will we have one amazing IVACON, but TWO this year! One in the USA and one in Europe.

IVACON is our annual international teachers conference for IVA Teachers around the globe to come together and learn about the art of teaching singing. We have classes from IVA pedagogy to style to business—everything you need to be a successful voice teacher.

Here are the dates so you can start planning:


  • Monday to Thursday, April 27–30, 2020
  • Layton, Utah (near Salt Lake City)
  • Master Teachers presenting in-person: Jeffrey Skouson, Spencer Welch, Kathy Kennedy, and Linda Tomkinson, plus several guest speakers in-person and online
  • Open to teachers not currently in the IVA Teacher Training Program

Europe IVACON 2020

  • Thursday to Sunday, May 21–24, 2020
  • Salzburg, Austria
  • Master Teachers and Ambassadors presenting in-person: Stephanie Borm-Krüger, Roberto delli Carri, Andreas Grussl, and Heather Baker, plus several guest speakers in-person and online
  • Closed to the public;IVA Teachers Only

At both IVACONs, the first three days will be full of new and exciting classes, giving you lots of practical and hands-on training. On the fourth day, conference participants will be able to ask questions and observe the presenters teaching students.

Over the coming weeks, we'll start announcing the detailed schedules for each conference and begin introducing our guest speakers.

As so many attendees tell us, everyone LOVES getting together with other IVA Teachers in person and learning and growing together. We hope our new format will allow as many of you as possible to come to IVACON in-person and be part of this amazing learning experience.

For more information and to register, visit https://www.ivacon2020.com .

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