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Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy for the IVA website. Why and how we collect personal data, how long we keep that data for and your rights.

The art of teaching singing

Seven things you might now know about IVA


In the run up to our launch we ran a campaign that started with Seven things you might not know about IVA.

The art of teaching singing

How do I teach a singer microphone technique?


Master Teacher Spencer Welch has some great tips on teaching your singers to use the microphone effectively and some things to avoid too!

The art of teaching singing

Ai Kokiso - Area Representative: Japan


Meet Ai Kokiso from Japan, who works hard to support the IVA Teachers in her region.

The art of teaching singing

Spencer Welch - IVA Founder, Director of Education &…


As a Master Teacher and Director of Education for IVA, Spencer is a leading expert in the field of vocal function and application.

Spencer Welch

Barbara F. Worth - Guest Author


Barbara F. Worth, BM, MS CCC-SLP, is a Speech Language Pathologist and the Senior Voice Therapist

The art of teaching singing

Simona Ficarotta - Area Representative: London


Meet Simona from London works hard to support the IVA Teachers in her region

The art of teaching singing

Heather Baker - IVA Founder and Ambassador


Heather is an IVA founder and currently works as an IVA Ambassador helping to train and education teachers world-wide

The art of teaching singing

Corey Wardle - IVA Founder & Manager


Corey Wardle is a native Nevadan, born and raised in Las Vegas. She is the mother of six grown children: one daughter and five sons.

The art of teaching singing

David Cho - Area Representative - South Korea


Meet David Cho - IVA Certified Instructor and Area Representative for South Korea

The art of teaching singing