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Sue Kingham - IVA Ambassador and Area Representative


Sue, from Western Australia is an IVA Ambasador helpign to train and education teachers. She also works to support teachers in Western Australia as an Area Rep.

The art of teaching singing

Chrissie Oppedisano - Area Representative: California


Meet Chrissie who works with Annie Little to support IVA Teachers in California

The art of teaching singing

Jay Veerayano - Area Representative: Thailand


Meet Jay who supports the IVA Teachers in his region, Thaliand

The art of teaching singing

Alexandra Pengler - Regional Coordinator: Europe


Meet Alex who supports the Area Reps. In Europe as well as being a Area Rep. for Europe and Italy.

The art of teaching singing

Meet the Area Representatives


The IVA Area Representatives are the backbone of the IVA Community.

Jeffrey McEvoy - Assistant Area Representative: US Nort…


Meet Jeffrey who assist Chelsea Wilson supporting the IVA Teachers in the US Northeast

The art of teaching singing

Moria Or - Area Representative: Israel


Meet Moria, who works hard to support the teachers in her region.

The art of teaching singing

Donna Kirke - Assistant Area Representative: UK North


Meet Donna, who works with Laura to support IVA Teachers in the UK North Region

The art of teaching singing

Joe Sung-min - Assistant Area Representative: South Kor…


Meet Joe from South Korea who assists David Cho with supporting the teachers in their region

The art of teaching singing

Chelsea Wilson - IVA Ambassador and Area Representative


Chelsea from New York serves as an IVA Ambassador delivering training to teachers around the world. She also supports the teachers in her region as an Area Repr…

The art of teaching singing