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Introducing our newest IVA Ambassadors

Back in September 2016, IVA launched its Ambassador Program to the world. Ambassadors were hand-picked by the IVA Board for their experience, knowledge, and dedication to IVA and to the art of teaching singing. They were chosen to help us deliver an outstanding educational program as the company evolved and grew. In fact, our newest IVA Master Teacher, Roberto delli Carri, was once an Ambassador before he joined the Master Teacher Team.

Over the years, our Ambassadors have worked hard teaching at IVACONs and at in-person events, as well as delivering monthly office hours and listening classes to our teachers. They are a highly skilled and dedicated team around the world, and we are so grateful to have them as part of our teaching team and for their help in delivering our training programs.

In 2021, IVA has seen explosive growth in our student teacher program with over 81 new teachers joining our community! This is fantastic news for us as a company, and we’re thrilled to see our community continuing to grow and flourish, even during a pandemic.

All these new teachers have created an opportunity for IVA to expand its current Ambassador Team, bringing new ideas and perspectives into the group.

It’s not easy picking people when we have such a talented and dedicated group of teachers in IVA. As a company, we've been following teachers and have had many discussions at board meetings as to who we think could fill these new Ambassador positions.

After many months of discussions, we have reached our decision on the final list of people.

We are delighted to announce that the following teachers are joining the Ambassador Team and will be teaching at IVACON EU 2021 as IVA Ambassadors for the very first time:

  • Charlene Adams, USA
  • Sharon Erman, USA
  • Gary Peinke, Germany
  • Lara TenHoorn, Australia
  • Jay Veerayano, Thailand
  • Darren Wicks, Australia
  • Megan Yates, USA

Each of these teachers has been with IVA since the beginning. Each of them has demonstrated excellence in their teaching, dedication, and loyalty to IVA, and above all, they have shown their willingness to continue to learn and grow as teachers.

We feel they will be excellent candidates to join our existing Ambassadors in sharing their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our global IVA community.

Please feel free to browse their bio's using the links below.

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