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The other Directors of IVA

Today we are sharing the other four directors of IVA and what they are responsible for:

Heather Baker, Cheshire, UK

Heather is a great communicator and organizer. Heather has spent the last 10 years organizing local events in the UK and aiding teachers to develop their skills. She hopes to pass on some of the things she has learned to all the teachers around the world. She is supportive, organized and hard working - a great asset to our team.

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Tom Bathgate, Edinburgh, UK – IVA Manager | Director of Marketing

Tom is one of the four Managers of IVA and Director of Marketing. He is responsible for ensuring that our marketing, communications, and social media strategies and their implementation. Tom is also responsible for the coordination and hosting of IVACON.

On the other side of his role, Tom is responsible for the financial management and planning for IVA. Working with the Board’s approval and with our CPA, he is responsible for setting budgets, finances for events and ensuring that IVA is financially transparent.

Having worked for a non-profit in the UK for 16 years, running his own IT consultancy business and a singing studio, Tom is well qualified for his roles and takes great pride in his work.

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Andreas Grussl, Graz, Austria – IVA Manager & Director of Legal Affairs

Voice instructor, vocal producer and lawyer, Andreas Grussl runs a very successful voice studio in his hometown of Graz, the second biggest city in Austria. He trains singers from all over Austria and Europe in person and over the Internet. Andreas is known for high-quality vocal instruction and effective help to singers of all genres and levels.

As IVA’s Director of Legal Affairs and IVA Manager, Andreas will support fellow Managers in managing the daily operations and will overlook the corporation’s legal affairs.

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Corey Wardle – IVA Manager

Corey is a Manager of IVA. She is very concerned about the teachers and is quick to respond to any of their concerns. Corey is well qualified for these positions and will always find an answer for any teacher’s question. Her work ethic is what allows these two jobs to be handled efficiently within IVA.

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Join us tomorrow for the three days of IVA where we will introduce you to the 3 educational philosophies behind IVA’s education.

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