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Meet the Founding Members - Heather Baker

Next in our meet the Founding Members series is Heather Baker:

What got you into singing?

I’ve always been somewhat theatrical, I was born waving my ‘jazz hands’ at the midwife! I did a lot of musical theatre growing up and soon figured out it was imperative that my voice was up to the standard of my acting if I wanted to get cast in any of the good parts! I had some terrible teachers and some excellent ones who helped me to see myself as a singer first, actor second for the first time in my life.

Why teaching?

Well I’m bossy and I like telling people what to do! Actually I see teaching as an art in its own right. It takes a specific skill set to take complicated concepts and break them down for anyone to understand. These are skills I’ve always had so teaching seemed like a natural progression for me. I also have a passion for people and for helping to develop others.

There really are so many! I love the opportunities it’s given me to travel and teach. I loved visiting Israel and Malta and hope to get to visit lots of other places along the way. I also love the variety of running my own business. I have a passion for business so I don’t mind doing the ‘dull’ stuff like accounts and marketing. There’s also variety in the students I teach which I like. Organising things is also a lot of fun, if a bit stressful at times, but teacher training events etc can be great once everything’s sorted!

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