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Your Business and Your Goals - Vocal Advancement Podcast #007

With 2022 ending, now’s the perfect time to look back on everything you’ve accomplished and look forward toward everything you’ll achieve in the coming year. In this podcast, we do just that by discussing how setting goals and coming up with ways to measure your achievements is important to being a successful voice teacher.

We’ll examine the importance of setting achievable goals while also remaining adaptive to unexpected changes. We’ll look at the goals we’ve set for ourselves and discuss how we measure our progress. And we’ll talk about how investing in our own education can benefit not only us but also our students as we become better teachers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. The importance of setting goals for your business while remaining adaptive 6:52
  2. Measuring the success of your business 9:10
  3. The importance of being able to measure the success of your actions to ensure they’re helping your business 14:45
  4. Using your life goals as motivation to build the business model that fits your needs the best 19:00
  5. How making a year-long plan can help you stick to your goals 21:51
  6. How to know when you need to take the leap and move forward with your plans 23:59
  7. The demands on your time as your business grows 25:15
  8. The importance of having clear outcomes and solid figures to let you know you’re reaching your goals 27:09
  9. Breaking your goals down into achievable steps 28:36
  10. Making investing in your own personal education one of your prime goals 30:35
  11. BONUS! The mental health benefits of singing 34:34

The workbook Tom mentions that will help you reflect on your year, consider what you want to work on, and creating achievable goals can be found at https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/vocal-advancement/10f25118-01c5-453b-bc00-e11f437aa1c2_Goals+for+Singing+Teachers+Workbook+2023.pdf

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