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Tiks and Toks with Heather and Tom - The Vocal Advancement Podcast #006

We all want to build a strong social media presence to build our brand and attract more clients. But how do you create effective online videos that speak to a wide audience?

That’s what Heather wants to know after her Tik Tok video on vocal folds went viral, earning her thousands of views. Hoping to repeat her success, Heather and Tom spend this episode analyzing her video and discussing the tactics people with large Tik Tok followings use.

Join us as we ask the questions everyone wants answered, from how to find popular topics to how to build a large following. Will we discover the “secret sauce” that leads to social media success? Listen and find out!   

In this episode, we discuss

  1. The “honeymoon period” some content creators enjoy with Tik Tok 3:06
  2. Using hashtags and Tik Tok’s green screen feature to attract more views 3:28
  3. How Heather came up with her viral video and the audience her video attracted 5:40
  4. How her follow-up video had lower views but a higher engagement rate 8:00
  5. How social media algorithms may work 9:27
  6. How “idea teachers” do well on Tik Tok 11:40
  7. Whether the time you post your videos affects their success 13:04
  8. If the average age of Facebook and Tik Tok users factors into a video’s popularity 14:07
  9. If you can tell when most of your subscribers are online 14:48
  10. The importance of writing intriguing captions
  11. Re-using videos for Tik Tok, Instagram, and other social media channels 20:05
  12. Pros and cons of using a personal or business Tik Tok profile 22:26
  13. Different types of content you can create for different audiences 24:40
  14. How reaction videos on YouTube can build a massive audience quickly 31:00
  15. Final thoughts on getting Tik Tok videos noticed 33:30

The Tik Tok video Heather created that went viral is “It’s Two Tubes, People!

Find more tips for how to improve your singing voice by following Heather’s Tik Tok account at the.singingteacher

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for getting noticed on social media? Contact us at support@vocaladvancement.com and let us know!

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