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Performing for the West End with Savannah Stevenson - The Vocal Advancement Podcast - #018

Some people are born to perform.

Take Savannah Stevenson. This English singer and actress got her first job understudying for Mary Poppins with the Original Cast of the West End production of Mary Poppins before she graduated from the Guilford School of Acting. She’s gone on to have a very successful career on stage, playing Glinda for three years in the West End production of Wicked, has acted in multiple TV shows, and also built quite a name as a voice actress.

But as much as Savannah loves acting, she also loves teaching. She taught younger students while studying at GSA and has gone on to teach several masterclasses and coach young actors intent on beginning their own stage and screen careers. 

This passion for education, coupled with her real-world experience, gives Savannah a valuable insight into what performers and teachers need to know about the acting industry. In this episode, she shares how the auditioning process has changed, the type of actors that schools and casting agencies are looking for, and even how prospective students can stand out when applying for drama schools.  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. How Savannah got her first professional gig before graduating from drama school 9:15
  2. The differences between performing on stage and performing on a TV show 12:34 
  3. What teens pursuing a career in acting need to know about the industry 17:16 
  4. How important it is to attend a good drama school 21:32
  5. How embracing diversity has opened new doors for performers from different financial and racial backgrounds 23:00
  6. The advantages modern technology provides in the auditioning process 24:01
  7. Whether or not living in a theater district is important for getting cast in theater and film 24:35
  8. How each of Savannah’s favorite roles helped her grow as an actress 26:40
  9. How an acting coach can help performers sing better 33:34
  10. Why students need to understand the type of roles they can be cast in when auditioning for drama school 35:51
  11. How different body types, accents, and ages are more accepted now in casting 38:07
  12. How certain music choices can help prospective drama students stand out in an audition 41:43
  13. What teachers and acting coaches need to know about working with young performers 44:05

Learn more about Savannah’s private coaching and masterclasses by visiting her website.

Learn practical techniques to help your students best explore the character they are portraying within the musical theatre genre with Savannah's IVA Webinar, "Tools/Application for Acting the Song."

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