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Meet the Teachers: Erika Dipp, Mexico

In this blog series, we'll chat with IVA Teachers from around the world! Let's get to know more about this diverse range of voice teachers who entrust IVA with their education and training.

Erika Dipp - Certified IVA Teacher, Mexico City

Erika Dipp is an Instructor III Certified IVA Teacher from Mexico City, Mexico. She started singing at the young age of 12 and made the leap to teaching singing in 2011 when the music school she attended saw that she had the skills it took to teach singers. 

Early on in her teaching career, she started her teacher training using various methods that just weren't giving her the results she wanted for her students. That is, until she joined IVA in 2013.

As well as being a singing teacher, Erika is the IVA Area Representative for Mexico. Her job includes guiding and helping other IVA Teachers with their education and training. She helps organize events and ensures that teachers get the assistance they need to complete their certification requirements.

When we asked Erika to tell us one thing that has helped singers in her studio to progress faster, this was her response:

“Everything I had previously been taught about the voice was subjective. When I joined IVA, the difference was clear straight away. Everything was about practical information and advice. They have tools and logic that train voice teachers how the voice works and how to help and develop singers of all experiences and levels.”

We also asked Erika if there was one thing she would tell someone who is interested in joining IVA to help them make the decision:

“Studying with all the IVA Teachers has definitely changed my life! Today I am a successful singer and teacher with a fully booked studio. I could not be happier to have all the tools, training, experience, and support from my fellow IVA Teachers who have helped me and others accomplish their dreams to sing.”

Check out this amazing video Erika produced, which showcases her studio in Mexico City: 

If you're interested in joining the IVA Certification Program, come visit our Become a Teacher page to find out more.

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