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How to Teach Voice Lessons Online

FREE webinar

In these challenging times, we at IVA want to support you, the global community of singing teachers, as much as possible and keep your studios alive and singing!

Our international IVA Teacher Training Program delivers high-quality education to hundreds of teachers online every day, and we want to share our online teaching knowledge with you!

IVA Master Teacher Stephanie Borm-Krüger has 15 years of experience teaching and receiving lessons online herself, and she is hosting two sessions of this free webinar for all voice teachers who want to learn more about teaching virtually:

"How to Teach Voice Lessons Online"

  • Advice on what to keep in mind when teaching online
  • Tips for being a successful "virtual" teacher
  • Lots of shared experience to keep your studios running during this challenging time
  • Q&A session to answer specific questions

Register for the free recording here.

We're also launching a Facebook group, How to Teach Voice Lessons Online - IVA , that you can join so we can all share tips and advice to support each other. Click here to join us!

We look forward to helping you make the best of this situation with the amazing power of technology.

Take good care of yourselves, keep washing your hands, stay at home, keep singing, and . . . teach ONLINE!

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best, from all of us at IVA.

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