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Guidance for Singing Teachers Regarding COVID-19

We as an IVA community are all saddened by the circumstances we are now facing with the spread of COVID-19 around the world. 

As good, global citizens and to keep our singing communities healthy, here is some guidance we'd like to extend particularly to you as singing teachers:

  • Be informed. Please be aware of your country's specific restrictions and recommendations regarding the containment of this disease, as well as the particular statistics, facts, and figures of COVID-19 in your community.
  • Online lessons. Wherever possible, offer (and take) lessons online.
  • Clean (or don't use) microphones. Do not use microphones in your studios without disinfecting them after each lesson; OR do not use microphones at all until more is known about the spread of the virus and/or until a vaccine is developed.
  • Practice hand-sanitizing. Use hand-sanitizing spray or lotion (at least 70% alcohol content) OR wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before and after each in-person lesson. This is for both the teacher AND for the student.
  • Avoid close contact. Avoid hugging, kissing, handshakes, etc. Adapt new greeting customs in your studio if you continue in-person lessons (e.g., fist bumps or elbow bumps!). Your students will adapt quickly and appreciate your reasoning behind these preventative measures
  • Clear communication. Create an easy-to-read sign that explains your new proximity rules. This will help your existing and new students understand why you will not be shaking hands, hugging, or whatever types of physical greetings are customary in your country. Or you can at least simply explain why you're not hugging or shaking hands like you normally do. Your students will fully appreciate this once they understand. Say something like, "Normally, I would give you a hug, but due to the virus, it isn't wise right now, so please consider yourself hugged!"

We hope these simple ideas will help limit the spread of this terrible virus. 

We want our IVA community—and all our singing communities around the world—to be happy and healthy. 

We have a great video on our YouTube channel about how to teach online singing lessons.

And our most important tip of all—keep singing! Nothing spreads happiness and hope quite like the gift of song and music.

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