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6 Reasons You Should Join IVA

Being a voice teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs on this planet! Whether you're a professional performer or a passionate, musically-gifted educator, you've probably considered what it would take to become not just a good singing teacher but a great, inspiring, mic-dropping one.

And that's why you're here, right? Are you ready to delve into that conversation? Have you been wondering, "What kind of training do I need—what classes, program, or school should I join—to enhance my education as a singing teacher?"

Well you've come to the right place, because I just recently had this conversation with a good friend of mine, a fantastic performer herself, and I'm here to share with you what I told her.

She texted me: 

Hey, girl! So this is very random, but I have been looking into the “Institute for Vocal Advancement” and know that you have been through their training and wanted to know your thoughts about it?

I've broken down my response into 6 reasons why IVA is such an incredible organization and community to be a part of.

Reason #1: The Best Voice Training Program

I highly, highly recommend IVA's Teacher Training Program. I've been with IVA from its inception and am one of the Mentor instructors. I've been through over 10 years of certification and training with IVA, and I give them one million percent of the credit for my success and confidence in teaching. IVA has the best training program for voice teachers by far!

Reason #2: Tools, Training, Teaching Tips

IVA has given me everything as a teacher: the tools, the confidence, the skillset. They continually develop and enhance the IVA Teacher Training Program to embrace higher levels of teaching excellence that continue to improve as their standard of education improves. 

Reason #3: A Worldwide Community of Brilliant Teachers

I am SO LUCKY to have found this incredible organization and be part of a network of absolutely BRILLIANT teachers and educators. A majority of my teaching internationally has been through IVA, so it's greatly expanded my studio's outreach. It fills me with so much joy knowing that I am a part of this community of teachers led by such incredible Master Teachers and Board of Directors.

Reason #4: Master Teachers with 120+ Years of Combined Experience

Finding IVA was the biggest change in my life's course because through my own vocal training with the IVA Master Teachers, my voice was literally rebuilt after vocal damage and bad training. So that’s another awesome part: the training will be super fun for you not just in learning how to teach, but for working on your own voice too! It’s ridiculously awesome and so worth it.

Reason #5: My Teaching Rocks and My Students Get Results

Honestly, I have to say that because of the training and education I've done with IVA, my teaching rocks and my students get results. My studio has had such great success, and I only say that because of how passionately I feel about IVA and how much confidence it's brought me in my teaching. There is NO WAY I would be able to offer the training I do in voice lessons if it were not for IVA.

Reason #6: The Best Investment for Your Teaching

If you are wanting to invest in any program for voice teaching, IVA is it! Hands down. Yes, it is an investment at first, but because of how much my teaching has improved and with the results my students are seeing, I keep getting that influx of business: friends bringing in friends, performers bringing in fellow performers, directors sending in their performers, choir teachers referring their singers to me, etc. 

I'm so glad you are looking into voice teaching with IVA—it's the best kept secret in all the land! 😉

This article was written by Megan Yates, an IVA Mentor Instructor from Utah.

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