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Jasper Wong

🇨🇳 China

IVA认证教师(Instructor I)  |  流行声乐导师  | 歌手  |  乐队主唱

2019《小小好声音》全国评委 | 2020《中国好声音》广东省赛区总决赛评委 |  



IVA Certified Teacher (Instructor I) | Pop Vocal Tutor | Singer  | lead singer of the band | 2019"The Voice Kids China" The National Judges  | 2020 "The Voice of China" Guangdong Division Provincial Finals Judges | 

HI, I'm Jasper. I am good at helping students expand their range and Vocal cord function. I like to study singing techniques and explore different music styles.



·线下In-Person:Tianhe District,Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province广东省广州市天河区


微信联系:Jimmy0109   (助理微信,请注明来处:微博/IVA官网)

Jasper Wong

Provides In-Person Lessons