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Jane Shin

πŸ‡°πŸ‡· South Korea

Jane Shin is IVA Instructor in South Korea. She is very passionate on singing and education. She has an 15+ years experience on performance and education. She also traveled many countries to learn singing and develop the voice. Her educational background is helping singers with various issues and types. She is currently working with voice teachers, and professional singers and musical theater actors.Β 

She also has working experiences in music industry. She had worked in major entertainment companies. Her music business career is helping many of her clients who want to be professional artists.Β 

She strongly believe singing is the way to understand oneself and be happy. When she learned from many teachers, they've given her so much strength. As a teacher, she focus on the lesson to make singers' singing life better. She thinks it is important to teach great technique to make singers sing better and freely.

However, she believe teachers should give strength and believe the singers and that can change singers life and help them to express music better.

She is teaching students from various countries through Skype and in person.Β 

Jane Shin
  • Instructor III

Provides In-Person Lessons

Provides On-Line Lessons

Beyond Singing Gwanak λΉ„μš˜λ“œμ‹±μž‰ 관악점

3, Nambusunhwan-ro 237-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea μ„œμšΈμ‹œ 관악ꡬ λ‚¨λΆ€μˆœν™˜λ‘œ 237κΈΈ 3 μ§€ν•˜ 1μΈ΅ λΉ„μš˜λ“œμ‹±μž‰ 관악점
South Korea

Directions to Beyond Singing Gwanak λΉ„μš˜λ“œμ‹±μž‰ 관악점

+82 10-5125-1210