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Shuzhan Kwok

🇨🇳 China


up in south China, Shuzhan speaks mandarin as his mother language, and English

as his second language. Shuzhan has been learningb music and dance since his

childhood and got his bachelor degree of dance in CMA college.



graduated in college, Shuzhan went to Musicians Institute in LA to further

study , and

graduated at 2010.


Before study at IVA , Shuzhan is a trainee in

a famous artist training company called ‘ocean butterflies’ which discovered JJ

林俊杰, Adu 阿杜 and many other super stars

in China. He started to learn IVA/SLS technique in IVA, closely followed from teacher

Justin Fung in 2015. 


Shuzhan is a founder of an

independent music group which is called well-known music. His group making

songs for lots of famous artist including Faye Wong 王菲 , G.E.M 邓紫棋, and many other singers.


For the past few years, Shuzhan has

been working as a singer and personal trainer in a studio and he is qualified

IVA teacher with certification.



欢迎您们在IVA这个国际大家庭里找到我,我是郭舒展,大家都叫我郭老师,是目前华语地区少数的IVA认证声乐教练之一。也是为数不多满分通过第一年IVA教师考核的老师 .

在香港跟制作人Tonyi 创建了一个制作团队 , WellKnown Music ,  我的团队服务过的艺人有 : 王菲 , 邓紫棋 , 裘德 , 魏如萱  , 徐佳莹, 窦靖童等等  , 



、Zoom线上视频.   面授:广东省广州市天河区




Shuzhan Kwok
  • Instructor III

Provides In-Person Lessons

Provides On-Line Lessons