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Cláudio Olliver

🇧🇷 Brazil

Claudio had his first contact with the

guitar at the age of eight, through the influence of his father, who

is an amateur musician. He began his artistic career as a teenager in

1996 as a singer and guitarist for the band Vírus Urbano. With the

band he participated in several festivals in Brazil. As a

professional musician he performed in more than 1000 events.

Graduated from the University of Nove

de Julho in Pedagogy and Arrangement for Big Band by the Conservatory

and International College Souza Lima and Berklee. He studied

Classical Singing at the Municipal School of Music of São Paulo,

Popular Singing and Popular Composition at Tom Jobim Free University

of São Paulo.

He was professor of vocal technique at

the Conservatory and International College Souza Lima and Berklee in

2015. He currently works as Vocal Coach for amateur and professional

singers, including TV program participants such as The Voice Brasil.

As a composer, he has more than a dozen

songs recorded by several artists, two albums "De Tudo Muito"

(2001), "Tempo Breve" (2009) and a song called "Caminho"

on the soundtrack of the Brazilian documentary film " Pitanga ",

winner of the best category of films at the 40th Rio International

Film Festival (2016).

His recent work includes several singles "The Longer Road", "Milagreiro Tempo" and "Ïnocência". He arranges the annual showcase "ShowCase Solidariedade" for his students to demonstrate their skills and talents to a wide audience of family and friends, while using music as tool to make the world a better place by donating all proceeds to charity.

Cláudio Olliver
  • Instructor III

Provides In-Person Lessons

Provides On-Line Lessons

Claudio Olliver Vocal Coach

Rua Constantino de Souza, 1406 - Campo Belo - São Paulo / SP
São Paulo

Directions to Claudio Olliver Vocal Coach

+55 11 97989-4372