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Line Hilton

Line Hilton MSc PAM, B. MusEd (Jazz), Cl. Hyp, MHA, Wraw Master Practitioner. Highly respected in the performing arts world, Line Hilton is a voice, performance and resilience coach. Her mission is to help people find their voice and build the confidence needed to explore their full potential so they can thrive, both at work and in life.

Line blends an eclectic background of qualifications, training and experience to help professionals in the creative and business worlds unravel their potential and achieve healthy high performance. Working with successful recording artists and singers who tour the world singing for a profession has given Line a unique insight into what it takes to develop and maintain a high and healthy level of performance, creativity and mindset. It often shocks people to discover that even a high level performer may suffer from lack of self belief, performance anxiety and other mindset obstacles.

Line realised that all the technique, teaching and advice in the world comes to nothing if the mind isn't onboard and unhampered by limiting beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours. Her coaching work starts by eliminating the limiting beliefs that prevent a person from pursuing their best and exploring their full potential. In addition to her private practice Line is a BAPAM Educational Trainer, on the multi disciplinary team of Voice Care Centre, an Advisor for Vocology in Practice and regular industry and HE guest speaker and teacher on the topics of mindset, resilience and voice care.

Line Hilton MSc PAM, B. MusEd (Jazz), Wraw Master Practitioner