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Laurie Winckel

Assistant Worldwide Area Representative Coordinator

Laurie grew up in Austin, Texas, with a passion for singing and an even stronger love for teaching others to sing. She studied classical music in college and graduated with a bachelor of music degree from Southwest Texas State University in 1987 (now known as Texas State University). She has conducted award-winning choirs and has had the honor of directing groups that have performed for past US president George W. Bush, at professional athletic events, and at charity events.

Laurie is a full-time private voice instructor with over 33 years of teaching experience in various settings: public school choral programs, private lessons, and vocal workshops, and she has even taught in the dance/health and fitness industry.

About thirteen years ago, Laurie found the IVA Technique, with its study and application of vocal pedagogy and "mixed" or "balanced" singing, life-changing. She saw immediate results when applying it with her students.

Laurie is an IVA Advanced-level voice teacher, the Assistant Worldwide Area Representative for IVA, as well as the Area Representative for Texas (Southern US). She is also a Nashville Music Exec with PCG Universal, an emerging artist development program, and she holds the title of National Vocal Education Coordinator and Marketing Director. She serves as a music industry panelist and vocal instructor for PCG events in Texas and Nashville.

She has taught thousands of students over the years, but she truly enjoys teaching to the specific needs of the individual singer and inspiring them to reach for their dreams. Her personal motto is to "Be Authentic, Be Intentional and Inspire Others." Her studio mission is "Building Voices, Building Artists and Building Lives." She encourages her singers to think and dream bigger dreams, then pursue them with excellence.

Although she loves to sing and perform with her students and on her own, her heart truly desires to be the best, most effective and inspiring teacher she can be. Her greatest satisfaction comes from watching students learn, grow, overcome, and succeed!