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Diane Douet

Area Representative: France & Belgium

Diane Douet is a voice teacher, singer, and songwriter who coaches singers in her own studios in France or worldwide by Skype, as well as in a school for professional musicians in Bordeaux and in recording studios.

Diane has been performing and composing in various genres (e.g., pop, rock, jazz, metal, electro, etc.) and is currently working on a fusion music project related to the cinema.

Apart from vocal technique, Diane is specialized in pop/rock music, acting for singers, and the speaking voice for orators. She also worked for an internet radio station promoting new talents and as a sound technician in a professional recording studio. Her broad knowledge of the singer's environment is a powerful tool in helping her students reach their goals, whatever they are.

Diane offers customized voice lessons, helping her students discover effective tools to help their skills to shine, to augment the quality of their performances, and to enhance the pleasure they experience while singing, whether it be in front of friends or on a professional stage.