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Clara Arzeno

Assisant Area Representative: South America

Since she was a little girl, Clara has developed the same passion for music and singing that her father instilled in her. Today, in her efforts to be the best vocal coach she can be, Clara spreads that passion to her students, helping them achieve their vocal goals.

In 2010, Clara became a certified teacher for the Speech Level Singing™ technique. Once she joined IVA in 2014, she dedicated herself as a vocal coach with a greater understanding for what teaching singing is all about.

Clara is a pioneer in Argentina, being the first IVA Teacher in Buenos Aires, as well as the Latin America Area Representative, helping teachers in her area to become part of this great IVA family.

She loves this profession, trying to help each student as a unique voice, because everyone has their own vocal story and every voice is different. One of her favorite things is watching a student achieve a milestone after years of thinking their voice couldn’t get any better—she witnesses this every single day. Clara is amazed at what the IVA Technique can do to improve your singing and further your vocal growth.