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Renee Maranan

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United States

Renee Maranan has over 25 years of experience in singing, performing and songwriting. Her singing repertoire includes a wide variety of music: choral, jazz, ensemble, folk, Broadway, gospel, pop and classical.

Renee's experience as a singing instructor began in 2001, starting out as a private vocal coach to a handful of family and friends, and eventually as a part-time instructor at local music schools in Vancouver, BC (Canada). Realizing the need for a more effective teaching method, she sought further training to improve her skills as a singer and instructor. Since 2007, she has been under continuous training with several of North America's most proven and masterful vocal instructors and teacher trainers, continuing to deepen her mastery of vocal technique and pedagogy.

Students can expect their lesson time to be focused, productive and empowering. Renee's charismatic and positive nature creates a very comfortable and open learning environment. She combines her gift for teaching and her passion for music to bring out the best in every student, at every level.

Renee Maranan
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Renee Maranan Vocal Studio

United States

+1 206-384-0604