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Laura Jane Boardman

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Laura-Jane has been singing since she was 8 years old. Her love of performing arts began when she spent 6 years at a local stage school, performing frequently. She studied and competed in dance for many years but decided her real passion had always been singing. She started taking lessons in our technique in 2009, started working/ training in IVA in November 2010 and signed up to become a teacher in April 2011. Since then her teaching experience has grown and her schedule gets busier and busier! She teaches Children’s classes, she taught at LIPA 4:19, has taught in High Schools and had a Choir at a retirement home. Laura-Jane was a Level 1 SLS teacher until 2013 and has been a Level 3 IVA teacher since October 2016.

Laura Jane Boardman
  • Instructor III

Provides In-Person Lessons

Provides On-Line Lessons

Heather Baker Singing Studios

Chapel Street Wincham, Northwich
United Kingdom

Directions to Heather Baker Singing Studios

+44 7743 031923


Laura Jane Vocals

Westbrook, Warrington
United Kingdom

Directions to Laura Jane Vocals

+44 7773 693698