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Ellis Jang

πŸ‡°πŸ‡· South Korea

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Ellis Jang
  • Instructor I

Provides In-Person Lessons

Provides On-Line Lessons

Ellis Vocal Studio

μ„œμšΈνŠΉλ³„μ‹œ μš©μ‚°κ΅¬ ν›„μ•”λ‘œ57κΈΈ 37-3 (λ™μžλ™) 501호 μ—˜λ¦¬μŠ€λ³΄μ»¬μŠ€νŠœλ””μ˜€ (37-3, Huam-ro 57-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
South Korea

Directions to Ellis Vocal Studio

+82 10-3714-9653