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Sabina Zielińska

🇵🇱 Poland

I graduated from the 1st degree Music School in

piano class and 2nd degree (high school) in the rhythmics

department. Once I finished high school, I attended Cracow Studio of Theatre,

Music and Dance for one year. After that I completed studies in the field of

psychology at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Presently

I’m  studying there Vocal and Speech


Since 2016 I’ve been working at the Stage Voice

Studio in Warsaw, where I conduct individual singing lessons with students at various

skills levels – starting from the amateurs and ending with professional

singers. I also work with the vocal group created by mentioned Studio.

Human voice is undoubtedly my favourite kind of

instrument and everything that is connected to it stays in the area of my

interests and affects my education. I am constantly improving my voice skills

and qualifications as a voice teacher. 

As a vocal teacher I combine the knowledge

about psychology and voice. That leads to choosing appropriate attitude towards

students and helps them to deal with vocal issues and stress during public

performances. What is more, as a teacher I do my best to help my students with

knowing their voice which gives them better self-knowledge. During each lesson

it is my personal goal to give the student a lot of fun and pleasure while

singing. As for my favourite kinds of music, it is definitely jazz, soul, rap

and classical music.

Sabina Zielińska
  • Instructor II

Provides In-Person Lessons

Provides On-Line Lessons

Stage Voice

Marszałkowska 138/69
00 - 004

Directions to Stage Voice

+48 515 697 028