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Jay Veerayano

🇹🇭 Thailand

Jay Veerayano is an accomplished vocal teacher, singer-songwriter and business executive, and TV personality of GMM Grammy, Thailand largest record label and entertainment empire. He began working professionally as a voice teacher since 1999.  

At GMM Grammy, He oversees a part of its artist development program and new artists recruitment. As one of the most successful vocal teachers in Thailand, he was awarded with The Excellence In Music Teaching Award for Pop Rock Vocals from the Trinity College London in 2019. Jay's students have become popular recording artists, won national and international singing contests, scholarships of prestigious music colleges, and landed roles on TV shows on a major network like NBC. He helped discover, train and launch the careers of many GMM Grammy's performing and recording artists that have hits after hits on the charts. His vision is to help lift the standard of Thai singers to international levels.

As a performer and music producer, Jay has written and produced many pop songs in both Thai and English. You can find his original music on all digital platforms. He also regularly performs with Thailand leading pop stars, and he has been a part of the annual fundraising concert that continues to contribute to Thai Red Cross for more than 3 million US dollars over the course of 20  years.

Jay travels across Thailand to conduct vocal workshops and seminars for schools and universities as a part of his community outreach program to help improve the quality of vocal education in Thailand.

Jay is proud to be certified as a mentor Instructor of an international vocal instructors organisation, the Institute for Vocal Advancement. The first person in Asia to ever do so. And he also holds the Speech Level Singing Instructor Certificate Level 4.

Jay is also behind the success of GRAMMY Vocal Studio, where he also serves as an Academic Vice President.   www.jayveerayano.com

Jay Veerayano
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