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Chrissie Oppedisano

🇺🇸 United States

At ChrissieVocal you will learn solid vocal technique suited to any style of music.  As you grasp vocal technique, you can then learn performance skills so you are fully rounded as a performer.  Whether your goal is to be a professional performer or to improve your singing skills for personal reasons, you are an individual and your particular needs and goals will be addressed.  The studio welcomes all ages, beginners to professional levels.

Chrissie taught in Italy (where she lived for 12 years) and performed as a jazz singer throughout Italy and Spain. Fluent in Italian, she is available for Italian Diction consultation and speaks Italian fluently.  She is also a  musical theater performer and has written two Cabaret shows and has worked as a professional actress in Italy.   She is the author of  "American Diction for Non-Native Speakers", an audio/written reference guide for non-native English speakers who desire to improve their English pronunciation be it for singing, public speaking, or acting.  As a vocal and performance coach, Chrissie strives to continue learning and growing so that she can transfer her knowledge to her students in order to equip them to be the best performers they can be!

Chrissie Oppedisano
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ChrissieVocal Studio

14761 Franklin Ave. #B
Tustin, CA
United States

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+1 714-746-7464