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Alice Wong

🇸🇬 Singapore

Alice Wong, the founder of Passion Vocal Studio in Singapore, teaches voice to both singers and speakers in-person and online via Skype/Zoom.  She specializes in English and Mandarin contemporary pop singing, and is also familiar with musical theatre performances.  Alice was trained in both pop and musical genre in her early years, and had performed in different set ups such as Mandarin pop choir, events emcee and singing, local musicals, “unplugged” live singing, as well as church choir and worship lead.

As an IVA Mentor Instructor, Alice teaches singers and teachers all over the world.  With more than 11 years of teaching SLS and IVA methods, Alice has helped countless number of singers achieved vocal balance via strengthening their MIX voice in singing.  Recent years, she has also helped non-singers in their day-to-day speech requirements.

"The greatest joy all these years of being a vocal teacher, is to see my clients improving in their musicality and vocal ability in a healthy way. In this career, while teaching them to be better, I have also learnt many things from them! Grateful to be in this journey." -- Alice

Alice Wong
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