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Kenneth Bozeman, IVACON 2015 Guest Speaker


Kenneth Bozeman, Frank C Shattuck Professor of Music of LUC will be delivering a class at IVACON 2015

The art of teaching singing

Marisa De Silva - Guest Speaker at IVACON 2014


Marisa De Silva will be delivering a class on the Alexander Technique at IVACON 2014.

The art of teaching singing

Two of IVA’s Founders Were Featured Speakers at EUROV…


IVA Founders Jeffrey Skouson and Andreas Grussl gave a workshop at EUROVOX 2018 on communicating effectively as voice teachers.

The art of teaching singing

Ariana Grande – Vocal Feedback from an IVA Master Tea…


What does an IVA Master Teacher think to Ariana Grande’s cover of “Emotions”? Kathy Kennedy gives us her thoughts.

The art of teaching singing

Laurie Winckel: IVA Teacher Story


IVA Certified Teacher Laurie Winckel shares her story of how she became a full-time voice teacher, both and highs and lows!

The art of teaching singing

The other Directors of IVA


Following on from our last post about IVA Master Teachers, here are the other 4 Founding Members!

The art of teaching singing

Alexandra Pengler – IVA Teacher Story


IVA Certified Teacher Alexandra Pengler tells us her story of coming to voice teaching and what she learned along the way

The art of teaching singing

Meet Founding Member Heather Baker


Next in our meet the IVA Founding Members series is Heather Baker

The art of teaching singing